Vulkan, Wanna Be Friends? #3 Window Resize and SwapChain Recreation

We want to be able to resize our window. 
Many Games don't let dynamic and flexible resize maybe because of the check and additional work each frame and It's not logical to change windows size and resolution so often, so It's a win-win!
After one resize we are freeing and allocating memory which has cost, thus hard to do each frame when resizing dynamically.

Here's a version where we don't handle Resize:

Handling Resize In Vulkan To Resize our window we have to Recreate our whole SwapChain and thus these below as before when initiating Vulkan: ReCreate Image Views Because of New SwapChain Images.ReCreate FrameBuffers Because Width and Height and Image Views(Views to SwapChain Images) ChangedReCreate Graphics Pipeline Because viewport and scissor need to change.ReCreate and Record new Command Buffers Because of New SwapChain ImagesVulkan Tutorial: The render pass needs to be recreated because it depends on the format of the swap chain images.Note (Step 5): It's …

I Quit My Job

This Blog Post is mostly philosophical and about the future of this blog.

Two weeks ago I quit my job for some reasons and I've dealt with some personal problems.

I Immediately started learning and using my time to get better at what I do and I continued learning data-oriented programming.

I'm currently applying for C++ Programming Jobs but there seem to be few jobs that got my attention since C++ and Graphics Programming has little to no usage and importance in Iran's Companies and Studios. 99% of the Games Developed are made with Unity and 0.5% with Unreal and other Engines and there no AAA Games made here which makes it harder for me, I also applied for Big Data Companies which I find interesting.

I refused a C++ Programming Job in a very good company and I left my last one because I'm not Looking for money, I'm looking for a Place To Grow, which I have never found or seen in my entire life.

I sometimes question myself, "Maybe the problem is me, maybe I don't seem to fit anywhere" and this thought is making me less self-confident and less motivated from time to time.

But there is always a repeating and strong belief in me to never stop looking for what I'm passionate about.

Enough of my emotions and let's get to blog posts.

I've been apart from graphics and Vulkan Programming for some time now and future blog posts are going to be less Vulkan and More C++ and Data-Oriented Programming Focusing on giving references and sharing what I learned from them.

Priorities and Skills To Learn

  1. Data-Oriented Programming + Hardware/OS/Compiler Knowledge
  2. Modern C++ Programming
  3. Vulkan API and Graphics Programming
  4. Linux OS and Learn about Different C++ Compilers
  5. Parallel GPU Programming

🌸🌸I Hope You Get What You Dream About.🌸🌸
and if you already did, good for you.


  1. We as humans are both logical and emotional. So I encourage you to publish more like this post when need to share.
    You begun this post with the word 'philosophical', so it's great to remind of Socrates, which had similar situation, being not accepted by his people. So don't doubt on your carefully chosen believes. It's rather normal :)


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